Weight Loss Chocolate in Overland Park

June 11th, 2010 by Molly Logsdon

Weight Loss Chocolate in Overland Park Jeanette Brooks may not yet be famous in Overland Park, but she probably will be in the near future. Why? Because of Jeanette Brooks, Kansas City and Lee’s Summit chocolate lovers have a healthy chocolate option. It’s called Xocai.

Xocai healthy chocolate products are new on the health scene in Kansas City but they are quickly gaining popularity.

I’m Molly Logsdon. Jeanette Brooks is the co-founder of Xocai, the original antioxidant chocolate manufacturer. I sell Xocai Weight Loss Chocolate in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City. I am living proof that Xocai healthy chocolate is not only ‘non-harmful’ (though that would be a significant fact on its own) it is ‘health enhancing’. My health is improving as I regularly enjoy Xocai Chocolate every day.

Jeanette Brooks and Xocai are the real thing; She was the first to create weight loss chocolate products with her former company, Pure De-Lite, and things have been getting better ever since. With Jeanette Brooks’ leadership, XoCai healthy chocolate has evolved beyond Pure De-Lite’s impressive products.

Xocai was the first to add acai berries to cacao. Acai berries are packed with nutrition. It’s no wonder that ace berries can be found in the leading nutritional supplements available in Lawrence and Kansas City. However, only Jeanette has paired acai with chocolate. And it’s a match made in heaven.

If your mouth is watering for chocolate and you’re also craving supplemental income, join me at my next healthy chocolate meeting for a fun Xocai review. You will be able to try a sample of Power Squares and learn about Xocai network marketing secrets.

I can be reached at 913.636.5158 and Molly@FreedomToBeWealthy.com.

Jeanette Brooks and Healthy Kansas Chocolate

May 27th, 2010 by Molly Logsdon

Jeanette Brooks and Healthy Kansas Chocolate In the world of Direct Marketing, Jeanette L. Brooks is known as a dynamic leader and savvy marketer. She is the co-founder of MXI the company behind Xocai healthy chocolate. Smart business people in Kansas are teaming up with Xocai, the company that manufactures the original antioxidant chocolate. Jeanette is leading the acai chocolate revolution that’s gaining momentum in Kansas City.

In the diabetes community, Jeanette is known as the woman who created a chocolate superfood that helps diabetics. The antioxidants in Xocai healthy chocolate for diabetics helps counteract insulin resistance. Chocolate loving diabetics would not have a beneficial dark chocolate if Jeanette and her colleagues had not found a way to retain the potent levels of flavanoids and phytonutrients found in raw, unprocessed cocoa. This was achieved by developing an innovative cold processing method used only at the Xocai facility in Belgium. Jeanette’s MXI corp owns the international patent for this technology. Xocai is the only chocolate processed using this method.

You see, like many people in our town of Overland Park Kansas, Jeanette has diabetes. She has first-hand experience using low glycemic Xocai chocolate to lose weight, control blood sugar levels, and maintain adequate blood circulation. Jeanette lost over 115 pounds using Xocai weight loss chocolate. During this time, her daily insulin intake dropped from over a hundred units to just ten! She chuckles when she hears the occasional doubt about the power of healthy chocolate, or when people ask her whether Xocai is a scam; She is living proof!

A Kansas Xocai distributor once said: ‘The more I discover about the organization and their commitment to making it work the more enthusiastic I become. I am building a strong business where people can enjoy something that they love and actually does them good . . . Its fun, it’s a great team, the best I have seen worldwide…..join us!’

If you are a serious dark chocolate lover, a serious salesperson, or both, call Molly Logsdon at 913.636.5158. The timing is perfect for building your Overland Park,Country Club Plaza or Parkville business selling a health food that tastes like gourmet candy.

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Healthy Chocolate For Overland Park Kansas

May 21st, 2010 by Molly Logsdon

Healthy Chocolate For Overland Park Kansas Hello! My name is Molly Logsdon, and I am a health enthusiast in the local Overland Park healthy chocolate revolution.

As the world leader in healthy chocolate, and the local Overland Park authority on chocolate for health, the vision of our healthy chocolate company is to transform and improve lives worldwide through healthy chocolate products. Xocai healthy chocolate provides an exciting health alternative for everyone in Overland Park as well as a promising business opportunity for the greater Kansas City area.

The most exciting part for me is that our company has a focus on engaging in socially and environmentally responsible practices to make and distribute our healthy chocolate products from Kansas City to the world.

Xocai healthy chocolate combines the wonderful flavors of unprocessed cacao, acai berries, blueberries and concord grapes, leaving my friends in Overland Park with a lasting and delicious, ‘dark-chocolate’ taste. Mmmm! Our healthy chocolate contains a high antioxidant content with a remarkable ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Value.

Our healthy chocolate is perfect for the ‘all-natural’ consumer. Xocai products are formulated with no added colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives! Ideal for the Kansas City purist who wants nothing but the raw, high-antioxidant ingredients or for our local Overland Park energy enthusiasts who want nothing holding them back from an exciting Kansas life!

Give me a call if you are interested in learning more about how healthy chocolate can be for you. You can reach me on my Contact page (to the right) or by calling me at: 913.636.5158

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